Inflatable Air Bed Mattress For Your Car, SUV Back Seat and SUV Back Cargo Area

Sleeping in your Truck, car, SUV backseat or Minivan can actually be very comfortable and relaxing. If you are outdoors camping and want to sleep in a more protected area, off the cold ground then an inflatable air bed is a great way to sleep comfortably in your vehicle’s back seat.

The inflatable air mattress shown to the left is durable and strong, yet has a soft and comfortable texture feeling and an added element of comfort comes from the two inflatable pillows that come with it.

Many of the back seat mattresses offer a safety block for preventing children and pets from falling into the gap between the front seats of the vehicle.

Another great use for these inflatable air bed mattresses is just for a child or pet’s comfort while riding on long trips.

If you have an older pet whose joints are arthritic then an airbed mattress will make their ride so much more comfortable. Plus, the mattress gives them more space to stretch out and not risk being thrown into the floor board area upon a quick stop.

The mattress shown to the right inflates and deflates quickly and when not in use can be folded and packed away neatly. This package includes one inflatable air bed mattress, two inflatable pillows, one inflator pump and one glue repair piece.

This air mattress is environmentally safe and is suitable for most SUVs, Cars and Truck backseats.

Many customers report that not only does an air mattress like these make their pet’s ride more comfortable but also helps protect their car seats from the dog’s paws and toenails.

This high quality heavy duty PVC made car travel inflatable air bed mattress is soft and comfortable with a micro-fluffy feather-feeling surface.

Supports up to 800 lbs. in weight and will increase the quality of your sleep and help eliminate fatigue. The black color may fit with the color of your car’s interior better.

Not only is this air mattress bed great for sleeping in your SUV’s cargo area it is perfect for putting out on the sand of the beach, on the grass for outdoor concerts, sporting events, tailgate parties and most any place you need a comfortable place to sit or lie down to rest.

Nine proof points for average distribution of airflow help avoid the uneven airflow inside the mattress of this air bed cushion.

A built-in inflatable pillow adds to your resting comfort.

Comes in blue / gray or green / gray colors.

Easily wipes clean with damp cloth.

Here is another popular air bed mattress for your SUV cargo area. The body of this inflatable air bed cushion has 3 fold points that allow you a lot of flexibility in it’s use.

The head and side arm rests provide a nice snug fit in the cargo area of your vehicle which helps prevent sliding around of the mattress.

This air bed for your SUV has a reversible plus material with double-sided flocking and is cold-resistant at 25 degree centigrade below zero.

Quickly Ready for Use. This SUV air mattress can be inflated fully and deflated quickly within 2 minutes of your time.

Maximum size of expansion for this inflatable mattress is 71″ x 51″.

This is a high quality oxford cloth car, SUV backseat inflatable air bed mattress that is soft, waterproof and durable.

The color shown here is Coffee Butterfly. And this air mattress also comes in Creamy White European Style, Ocean Blue Butterfly, ocean Blue European Style and Orange Korean Style.

Lightweight and easy to carry this inflatable air bed also comes with two inflatable blow up pillows.

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